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As a professional software developer I created a blog in 2005 Calvin’s Blog

Originally, it was posted at Back in 2005, blogs were new and lots of people created blogs. I created a web site (in Visual FoxPro) used internally at Microsoft to show blog statistics once a month to see which blogs were most popular. Sort of a newer version of Calvin’s List (which earned me the position of one of the 1st Microsoft MVPs)

Over the years, people came and went from Microsoft, leaving their blogs abandoned.

Microsoft decided to retire, but there was a lot of good content which was archived to

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I’m an amateur pianist (I love to play Ragtime), and I created a sheet music reader for my Steinway, that you can download and run for free.



Sheet Music Viewer Source Code and

Sheet Music Viewer App Zip Download from GitHub Releases


Word Games


Here’s a C# game written with Xamarin that runs on Windows and Android, with the word dictionary part in a library that is shared between both:

The user tries dragging around the circle of letters to fill in the grid with words.

It uses  the English word dictionaries at


Source code:



Camera on Raspberry Pi

I bought a Raspberry Pi for around $35, added a bunch of video cameras and a screen, wrote some code in C#

Here’s more of a description:

Source Code:


TreeMap Disk Space

Understanding what is taking up the most space on your disk

Seeing is understanding. Running it on C:\Program Files (x86), I can easily see the large pink is taking a large space. The text and the tooltip show it’s 3.3 G of system images of Android SDK.


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